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Anne & Marna

Check out those curtains!

Marna & Sam

Bridal Shower

Check out that beard!

Hi Kathy!

Bridal Shower

Who's the goofy kid on Bruce's lap?

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Bruce & his Mom

Ain't we cute?

(THOSE were the days...)

Zack cleaning up little Chris Chris and Great Grandma
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Auntie Marna

Chris and Rachel

Won't catch them kissing now!!

Rachel riding high on Bruce's back! Bruce and Chris in Italy
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Our home in Italy



Caitlyn & Rachel

OH BOY - this rubber thing makes baby Caitlyn quiet!


Caitlyn, Rachel and friend!

The girls found a friend

in the mountains of Italy.

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Bruce was holding someone else's baby, and Caitlyn was NOT pleased, so she kept pulling his shorts off!

Chris and Rachel

When they like each other now I'm in trouble!

Our Landlords in Italy

 The Vantins. He was "Nono Pietro" to Chris. (Grandpa Peter)

Piazza del Signore

Rachel eyeing the pigeons

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Those top bunk beds can be dangerous...


Why do they have to grow up?

FOUR generations of us!

Scary, eh?

Grand Tetons

Saying goodbye to Grandma



Caitlyn & Rachel

Cheerleading Competition

1st Place!

Lil and Caitlyn Bruce's first King's Singers concert!! There's hope yet!
  Merry Christmas 2004